Name: Cindy Iusi

Nick Name: Cindy

Office: Photographer

Just a little about Cindy

I began riding in 2010 after my husband and I purchased matching red Kawasaki  
KLR 650’s. Our license plates read HIZ & HURZ, how cheesy is that?!! Sam taught
me how to ride and then I took a class. Upon completion, I received my license
and have continued learning ever since. In the spring of 2012, through
encouragement from my husband, I ventured off on his  2006 HD Rocker. Never
in a million years did I ever think that I’d be able to ride that motorcycle. Shortly
thereafter he handed me the keys. In the fall of 2013 I traded it in for a 2009
denim, black HD Fatboy.  I’m content and grateful to be able to enjoy all that
motorcycle riding has to offer.

My favorite part of riding is being smack dab in the environment. Unlike in an
automobile, you can see more and smell everything. I truly enjoy the wooded
areas the most as you can smell the leaves, moss, water, etc.

I enjoy the HOG group as it brings motorcycle enthusiasts together to share in
the love of riding and fellowship.