Welcome to the Ladies Of Harley (LOH). LOH is a group of female Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts promoting
activities and adventures from within a local Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®) Chapter. All Ladies who are
members of the Endless Mountains Chapter are, by virtue of that membership, members of the local LOH.
Whether you ride solo or as a passenger, the LOH helps promote ladies participation in the world of Harley-
Davidson. The active members of LOH are a group of women who enjoy organizing and participating in social,
travel and charitable events resulting in everlasting friendships, where laughter is heard and memories are
made. LOH has something to offer everyone.

Ladies of Harley – 28 Years Later…
Has it been that long?  Really?  Yes, as a matter of fact is has!

In the summer 1986 issue of The Enthusiast magazine. It described why LOH was created, what it was and how
members could participate. The original purpose of LOH was to not only support women motorcyclists, but also
identify and address the special needs and requests of women motorcyclists, provide a source of information
for women with questions regarding the sport and to also develop activities for women motorcyclists. That
original spirit of LOH still holds true today, all around the world, as chapters celebrate women riders through
various events and experiences.

To participate back then there was an LOH enrollment form that had to be completed. These days all you have
to do to participate is check a little box on the HOG Member Enrollment Form when you join H.O.G. or call 1-800-
CLUB-HOG anytime throughout your membership.  The benefit of checking that box or calling is that you get a
patch, pin and LOH imprinted on your membership card. Plus, each renewal year you’ll receive an LOH pin
indicating the current year. In addition, if you are a chapter member, chances are there might be some LOH-
focused events taking place throughout the year.

So what has changed in the last 28 years?   There are certainly a lot more women riders in 2015 than there were
in 1986.   Plus, chapters have a lot more women holding one of the four primary officer roles than ever before.   
But you know what hasn’t changed? LOH is still as hard to define as it was when it began.   Since the inception
of LOH, the H.O.G. staff has been asked questions like, “What exactly is Ladies of Harley?”  Something else that
hasn’t changed is the look of Ladies of Harley.  The logo you see on the first-year patch and pin as well as the
annual renewal pin is the same as it was 28 years ago!  This is where we’d love to hear from you. We have a
refreshed logo we’d like your opinion on.   We’d also like your opinion on some other LOH-related questions,
such as how you would define LOH and how we can continue to improve LOH.   
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