#3781       MANSFIELD, PA.
Howie's 2008 Trip
ranged from the 30's to 110 degrees.  What could be better!! Out on your Harley with your riding brothers. Just you
and the elements.
The Southwest is full of awesome scenery and wonderful history. From The legendary Route 66 that ran from
Chicago to Los Angeles California that helped start the motoring experience years ago. Some of the unforgettable
sites were the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Mojave desert, and so many more.  Let's not forget the fun places like
Vegas, and a really neat place to hang out is the Hideaway Grill, the food is good, beer is cold and the people treat
you like family. If you are ever in the Phoenix area look this place up, somewhere near Cave Creek Az. All of this
made for an amazing adventure!!  If you haven't done a ride like this!!  You NEED too!!  Ride Hard, Live Free!!
Dave and Susanne's
Daytona Bike Week 2008
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It's a gator
David and Susanne's Key West Pictures